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Students in hallway at Primary School
Welcome to Primary Elementary School!  There are many great things happening at our school.  The following information should be helpful to parents who want to know more about our program and initiatives.   
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports or PBIS:  PBIS is a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies that help children learn to become good citizens.  At Primary Elementary School students will learn to Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Caring, and Be Safe across all environments.   Character intervention takes place through direct instruction, modeling, and practice in the classroom, halls, cafeteria, and playground.  Additional guidance and literature-based lessons will reinforce positive character traits throughout the school year. Every morning during the announcements children recite the Primary School Elementary Pledge:

                 Today is a new day.  It is my job to do my best work.  I promise to be responsible, be                 respectful, be caring, and  be safe. 
    • Safety and Security: As a parent, I need to know my child is safe and well-cared for before I can concentrate on her academic growth.  At our school, we take the safety of our students, staff, and guests seriously. We have an excellent relationship with the Police Department and officers are in our school daily.  We utilize a LobbyGuard background check in our Welcome Center, have limited access to guests in the building, and have trained volunteers about academic confidentiality.  We meet all State requirements for fire, tornado, and lockdown drills.  We welcome parent volunteers who have made prior arrangements with their child's classroom teacher and have checked in through our Welcome Center. 
    • Third Grade Reading Guarantee: Although third grade may seem far off, it is important to know that we set academic goals for our kindergarten and first grade students that will set them on the right path to meet the rigorous expectations in third grade.  All students receive high quality instruction through small group guided reading and Fundations (phonics).  We use the Go Math series for our mathematics instruction and teachers work cooperatively to plan and implement intervention and enrichment opportunities for students. 
    • Step Up to Quality: Primary School Elementary operates an integrated preschool program for about 80 children age 3-5. Primary Elementary School  received a 5-Star rating on the State's mandated Step Up To Quality system that sets benchmark standards in things like class size, student to teacher ratio, higher level education of staff, specialized training, and a challenging curriculum.  
    • Technology: A few years ago a first grader told me, "Steve Jobs put the internet in our pockets."  Students today need to have a comfort level with technology for their academics and daily lives. Our students have regular access to technology through Smart Boards in every classroom, tablets such as iPads and Kindles, laptops and computers, and listening centers.  All students are required to have headphones to use for classroom technology use and online testing. These can be purchased through the school by contacting your child's teacher.  
     As a primary school educator and a mother, I know that primary school can bring some nervous energy to your child and your home.  The teachers and support staff at Primary Elementary School are veterans at welcoming and nurturing our community's youngest learners. With your support and assistance, we will help your children grow and develop to their fullest potential while they are here at Primary Elementary School.  


    Patti Koslo, Principal 
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